hairypolack (hairypolack) wrote in austinfilm,

Stop Motion prop needed

I need a toy drum kit for a stop motion animation project. They need to be barbie / GI Joe scale, not "played by a kid" scale

I found "guitar hero" dolls that have the guitars I need.. now I need a matching toy drum set.

I found a bratz drum kit but its heart shaped:
cant pay 80 bucks for a model I'm gonna paint on

I've seen toy dollsized drum kits for Metallicas' Lars Ulrich and others, but all the web sites are "out of stock" and even then cost wayy too much

I found a barbie drum kit online but its sixty bucks, cant see paying collectors items price for something Im doing to paint over and ruin.

Anybody of a toy store or whatever (here IN AUSTIN) that sells doll sized drumkits? Or..... has seen such a thing in a thrift store OR their kids have overgrown theirs and might wanna sell it?
(Yes I know that shop on 6th street sells rock guitarist action figures- dont need em thanks!)
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