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Seeking Bassist/Lead Guitarist for Indie Rock Group LP Out Now

I'm looking for a bassist and lead guitarist for my group A Life Like No Other and have released and recorded a debut LP which has been received fantastically. You can listen to it and download it here at http://music.alifelikenoother.com It's gone viral on the Internet, with people listening worldwide at all times http://www.last.fm/music/A+Life+Like+No+Other/+listeners Already have a drummer. The bass and lead guitar parts are already written but if you have other ideas definitely something to listen to. For the most part want to hit things live as soon as possible and then start working on new material.

Contact me with email if interested.
Dick Head

16mm to digital

I have a 10 minute 16 mm film I need transferred to digital so I can edit it to Final Cut Pro. Where can I send it so that i get back a DVD full fo HIGH DEF DATA that I can edit. I dont need it to be a playable DVD (yet). And no I dont want to have to rip my own dvd. What company can i send a reel of film to that will give me back a disk of quicktime a/o other final cut pro- able video? And what companys can you recommend to have a dat tape of sound turned to an editable/ importable format?

I also want this video files to be able to be squooshed down to SD in FCP or in After Effects...

Where's the action?

I just graduated with a film degree and moved to Austin from California. I'm looking for work and projects to get involved with, most likely something Film or TV related. But hey, I've worked on radio before too.

So, what's going on in Austin? Where should I start?
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Dick Head

Premiere Stop Motion

In my class my teacher showed me how to use premier to capture stop motion frames.

I now have a home version of Premiere CS3 bu cant remember to to do it

he had us set it up so that if you hit the space bar it took a frame... anyone know how to do that?
Dick Head

FREE BetaCam Tapes!

I want to DONATE a set of Betacam SP tapes to a worthy cause. I've tried to sell them forever to no avail. I spent thousands on them new but- well I guess they aint worth ----- much now.

Somebody suggested I donate them for a tax credit. Can anybody think of a school, PBS station, church.... in the Austin Tx area etc that might want them?

Eighty Nine 30-minute Betacam SP tapes for sale

Sony Betacam SP tapes, only used once, excellent quality.

Also, 15+ ninety minute Betacam SP tapes.

contact me here or at thatguy_78757@yahoo.com
Dick Head

BetaCam SP Fire sale

I have 89 30 minute Betacam SP tapes for sale

all must go- I'm moving and cant take em with me

Sony Betacam SP tapes, only used once, excellent quality.

Also, 8 ninety minute Betacam SP tapes.

contact me here or at thatguy_78757@yahoo.com
Dick Head

Stop Motion prop needed

I need a toy drum kit for a stop motion animation project. They need to be barbie / GI Joe scale, not "played by a kid" scale

I found "guitar hero" dolls that have the guitars I need.. now I need a matching toy drum set.

I found a bratz drum kit but its heart shaped:

cant pay 80 bucks for a model I'm gonna paint on

I've seen toy dollsized drum kits for Metallicas' Lars Ulrich and others, but all the web sites are "out of stock" and even then cost wayy too much

I found a barbie drum kit online but its sixty bucks, cant see paying collectors items price for something Im doing to paint over and ruin.

Anybody of a toy store or whatever (here IN AUSTIN) that sells doll sized drumkits? Or..... has seen such a thing in a thrift store OR their kids have overgrown theirs and might wanna sell it?
(Yes I know that shop on 6th street sells rock guitarist action figures- dont need em thanks!)